Traditional Colonial Window Shutters

The Appeal Of Traditional Colonial Window Shutters

Traditional Colonial Window Shutters
What if you could get all of your light and view just by folding back thin intricate panels against the wall, exposing the entire window? That’s exactly what you get with traditional colonial window shutters.

Louver styles include 1 ¼” standard cut with a bead or the 1 ¼” optional flat cut louver. With stiles crafted at ¾” wide and ¾” thick, the panels can stack tightly against each other, reducing the wall space they take up.

Our custom-made colonial shutters will give any room a warm and inviting feel.


The Styles Of Shutter Frames

Traditional Colonial Window Shutters - Frames
Traditionally, colonial shutters are mounted by hinging the panels to a hang-strip: a ¾’’ x ¾” piece of stained wood or painted to match. Our shutter experts can mount hang-strips directly to the outside of the existing trim or drywall or the inside jamb of the window.

We recommend the decorative L-frames for a more finished look around the panels and to hide the natural imperfections of out-of-square windows. To match your existing trim, our frame options include standard beaded L-frames and custom moldings.


The Service Of Sunburst Shutters in Minnesota

Minnesota Shutters Service
We bring samples of all the shutter products we offer so you can see the different brands, colors, and styles as they complement your windows right in your home.

As the shutter experts in the St Paul – Minneapolis area, we craft and install the perfect colonial shutter design just for you.

Get the personalized service you deserve. We’ll have your windows be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.

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